Babul Pyare - Directed by Rajesh Bhatt


BABUL PYAARE is a story of a husband and a son-in-law Gopi [Ravi Kissen], story of a wife and a daughter Radha [Hrishita Bhatt] and a father Rajveer Singh [Raj Babbar]. Gopi on one hand is a person who though being in London will never forget his country and his culture. He would follow his culture in London too. But Radha on the other hand is one daughter who has nothing in her life except for her father. She has too air's about her father and his status.

"BABUL PYAARE film is shot in London with a complete 22-day slot shooting. Rajesh bhatt  always wanted to make a film that is for the entire family entertainment.

Mehmood Ali himself gives the script and the screenplay of the film. This is his first venture as a producer of this film. Dance sequences are choreographed by, dance director Saroj Khan.

This is also the first time when the most famous and the well-known dance director Saroj Khan is choreographing the dance sequences of the film. The songs are picturized both in India as well as in London. In London, dance director Saroj Khan, made a good and a quality utilization of the foreign dancers. She made the use of different vehicles right from the rich Limousine to an open bus, a cycle, a rickshaw, a horse cart and others. The production value of the film has been increased with all the valuable creations done by her in the songs. We have captured such beautiful locations and such scenes that audiences only used to dream about.

There have been many films that have been shot in London. But one must have never seen an Indian Flag [Tiranga] being hoisted at the Trafalgar Square that is in the central London. After the shoot and this particular scene, the entire unit happen to hoist the Indian Flag with a lot of pride and pleasure at the same place and that too exactly on the 15th of August, when even India was celebrating the occasion of Free India i.e. Independence day. Not only the Indians residing there, but also the foreigners participated in the very occasion being celebrated over there. Even the non-Indians had tears of happiness and pleasure in their eyes seeing the happy feeling of freedom on the faces of we Indians.

 Well Known film stars like Raj Babbar, Hrishita Bhatt and Ravi Kissen have given their best. The audiences will definitely love them.

Cast: Ravi Kissen, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Arun Govil, Raj Babbar, Pushpa Verma, Raja Duggal
Director: Rakesh Bhatt
Music Director: Gunwant Sen - Raja Sen