Nazarr - Directed by Rajesh Bhatt


Vicky (Ajeet) Son of a millionaire Pratap Rai (Mohan Joshi), has got everything in his life except sound sleep. He is the victim of Nightmares which made his life a miserable one.

Police commissioner Indermohan Sahay (Mukesh Khanna) is a very close friend of Pratap Rai whose daughter Pinki (Asmita) loves Vicky from core of her heart but Vicky is unable to extend his love for her due to his tensions. Rocky (Sujeet) and Ravina (Amulya) are popular Hero-Heroine of public and a theaterical group to which they are attached. Both love each other.

One day Vicky reaches his house after seeing Rocky-Ravina's show. In the night suddenly his nightmares turns to a sweet dream in which he finds Ravina and lost in her beauty and goes to a sound sleep.

Now Ravina becomes the remedy for this sleep and he is determine to get her at any cost but Rocky interrupts him every time. tThat makes him irritate and he causes his accident, in which Rocky looses his eyesight.

Pinki and Tinu (Laxmikant berde) advise him to help Rocky. He reaches to Rocky's house with his money. There he faces Ravina who gets irritated to see him and drives him out of her house. Tensed Vicky meet with an accident. Pratap Rai's wealth couldn't save Vicky. Vicky breathing last , leaves message "I donate eyes to Rocky".

Rocky get his eyes back. He meets Bansri (Kasturi) who starts loving Rocky in her first sight. Rocky becomes interested in her personality and starts her identification. This theme leaves some unsolved questions:

>> What was the reason of Vicky's Night-mares?
>> Why rocky wants to go to the depts of Bansri's personality?

Musical suspense thriller "NAZARR" will answer All What & Why

Film : Nazarr
Director : K. Rajesh Bhatt
Producer : V. K. Phander
Music : Dilip Sen - Sameer Sen
Lyrics : Maya Govind, Nawab Arzoo
Banner : Santa Art International
Sponsored By : Modiluft
Year of Release : 1997
Music Release : November, 1996
Music Label : Time Audio
Cast : Mukesh Khanna, Mohan Joshi